Our farm is located in western Illinois approximately 45 miles southwest of Peoria.  Our Belted Galloway herd includes 8 cows, 3 heifers, and one bull.  We have several calves that we are currently raising for future beef sales.  We have beef for sale several times a year.  Our animals are raised naturally: no growth hormones, steroids, or antibiotics.  They graze our pasture and have hay in the winter.  In order to get them to come in from the pasture so we can check on them, we give them a minimal amount of corn and natural minerals each evening.   

We sell our beef by the mixed quarter, half or whole. Our beef hangs for 21 days for aging. We price our beef by the hanging weight and paid directly to Littlefield Farms Inc.  The price includes processing fees and delivery within 250 miles of Peoria, IL which includes the Rockford and Chicago metropolitan area.  If you order a whole or a half you will have the opportunity to customize your order as to the thickness of steaks, roast sizes, number of steaks per package, package size of ground beef, etc. Our mixed quarters of beef weigh from 160 – 180 lbs hanging weight. Please use our Contact Us web page or call our phone number to place your beef order